The SBarC Kennel Difference

We are a family business raising labs to be family members for you! We have been raising labs for almost 20 yrs, and we take pride in all of our animals. We stand behind every puppy that is sold, and if you are unhappy in anyway we will do what we can within our measures to remedy the situation. We do not push any products on any customer, nor do we attach false or unattainable guarantees to our puppies. It is plain and simple here at SBarC, if you are unsatisfied, we will try every means to make you happy!

Dogs are like humans, they unfortunately age. There is no scientific or genetic proof that two excellent parents can produce excellent offspring. There is no way to guarantee a puppy is going to be perfect, that thinking is simply silly. The best advice we can give a new puppy owner is prevention. The first year is their formidable year- the bones, joints, and ligaments are all still forming. Stairs are hard on a puppy. Being on hard surfaces all the time is tough on a puppy. Teaching a pup to load up in your truck, atv, etc, is very hard on their hips and other joints while they are still young. And while a chubby little puppy is heart melting, weight plays the biggest role in hip dysplasia*.

We raise all of our pups to be family pets, but our labs are ready to hunt as well! Our adult dogs are dual purpose at SBarC, and most of the pups that have been raised here have went on to be hunters. Some have even won AKC field trial titles. We are also very proud of our pups that have went on to be service dogs for the men & women representing our country.

Many breeders sell their puppies on limited registration which removes the option to breed your pup in the future. Here at SBarC, Under most circumstances, our puppies are sold on full registration. We believe that our clients should have the opportunity to choose for themselves and have full ownership of their new family member.

Please make yourself home here at SBarC Kennel and if we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

All puppies are wormed every 2 weeks and will receive the 1st round of shots prior to going to their forever home. At pick up, all puppies will leave with their AKC registration papers and shot records.